Is it a good idea to sign up for bitkub? Know some truths before signing up for bitkub.

สมัคร bitkub ดีไหม

You are deciding to sign up for bitkub and have a question before signing up, is it good to apply for bitkub or should you sign up for other exchanges instead of bitkub? So here’s this article I intend to answer. And revealing some secrets in detail for you to know about bitkub, both the good and the bad, so that you have the most truthful information before making a decision.

Are you ready to know the truth?

Then let’s learn together before applying for bitkub.

1.Bitkub was actually founded by Ton, not Jirayu.

If you are in the early days of Bitcoin exchanges, you will find the first fact that Bitkub was not founded by Mr. Jirayu. But it was started by Mr. Ton Sakonkon, former chief executive of Garena Thailand. In the beginning, you can see Ton’s comments on the FB Bitcoin Thai Club group.


2.Bitkub is a legit crypto exchange but not the first

Bitkub is a crypto exchange, including Bitcoin, but it is not the first trading platform to be licensed by the SEC. Because in those days, there were already crypto exchanges such as and Tdax or now Satang pro.


3.Bitkub has a surplus of financial statements every year.

Since the launch of the Bitcoin and crypto exchange Bitkub, there has been a surplus of financial statements every year, and 2019 was the year of its biggest rising star. Because the Bitcoin market has skyrocketed (1 BTC is worth more than 1,000,000 baht) that year, Bitkub company made a profit of more than 2,000 million baht! and causing the SCBX deal


4.Bitkub has its own coin called KUB coin.

Usually, there are two types of family of coins, Token and Coin, but in the case of Bitkub, this is considered a coin, since Kub runs on its own chain called Bitkub Chain, although not much product supports it. But it is still considered in the sense of Coin.


5.Bitkub deposits and withdrawals in fractions of a second.

When you are a Bitkub member, you can deposit money. Or withdraw money within seconds only. This allows you to trade profitably from the market in a timely and timely manner.


6.Bitkub has Passive Income by using KUB staking coins.

You can bet or staking KUB coins on Bitkub Next, where you will be able to generate returns in the form of interest of up to 10% per year, but that means you are carrying the volatility of KUB coins as well.


7.Bitkub does not yet have a SAFU fund.

At one time, Bitkub had problems with coins in its own system. until causing damage to investors in a wide range And during that time, there was news that Bitkub will set up a hedge fund for users worth 100,000,000 baht. No news yet Or any article from Bitkub official that confirms the establishment of this SAFU fund?


8.Bitkub has a high rate of employee turnover.

That doesn’t mean advantages or disadvantages. But it indicates that Bitkub employees must be active at all times, while Emum reflects that. Corporate loyalty may still need to be developed in the future.


9.Bitkub is not yet recognized by Gen Y and above.

Although Bitkub is a growing unicorn. But it is strange that it is not accepted by Gen Y and higher Gen people. and tends to continue to decline While Gen Z and Gen Alpha have opted to look more at Bitkub’s growth.


10. Moving Headqueator to Dubai could be a major turning point.

In the end, before the SCBX deal was canceled, there was little news about the move of HQ from Thailand to Dubai, UAE. That could be another major turning point for Bitkub and may reflect the opportunity to create more crypto financial products. stronger and reflects the future price of the KUB coin.


From these 10 truths, it helps you to have the answer to the question in your mind whether it’s good to apply for bitkub or not. But I believe that at least for now, you definitely have more insights into bitkub.

Have fun using bitkub.